Dr  M S Gowd
Dr M S Gowd
Experience : 52 + Years


Fellow American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Compassion, passion and credibility – if there had to be a few words that describe one of the pioneers of dentistry in South Ìndia, these words would fit the bill. Meet Prof.

Dr. M. S. Gowd, who, through his clinics – Dr. Gowds Dental Clinics – has redefined the way people smile. One of the reasons why it shouldn’t be a matter of surprise that he managed to carve a golden spot for himself in the field of orthodontics in South India is his inclination towards healthcare. The credentials that Prof.

Dr. M. S. Gowd has are one aspect of his expertise. However, we all know, that fancy degrees aren’t what makes someone a health care provider. What makes Prof. Dr. M. S. Gowd and his clinics stand out is wisdom, compassion, empathy and elegance. Bringing in new technologies wouldn’t work if India weren’t ready for the change. Prof.

Dr. M. S. Gowd can be accredited for bring in a change in the way Indians look at their dental health. One instance of it can be seen where Dr. Gowds Clinic has adopted two villages for their oral health care to help them prevent many other health problems that can be a cause of poor dental and oral health.

In fact, all these qualities have been passed on to his next generation. Being the family-oriented gentleman that he is, he is a figure of inspiration to his children – Snigdha Gowd and Vikas Gowd – both of whom have followed his glorious footsteps to establish their own identities as the leading faces of

Dr. Gowds Dental Clinics. However, for the uninitiated, a reputable and honorary name in the world of dentistry didn’t happen due to mere good luck- he earned all of it fair and square. His name is well-known in India in the field of dentistry. With the intention of making dental care not a medical affair but an experience in itself, Dr. M. S. Gowd set up Dr. Gowds Dental, taking dental care beyond just a need.

He founded Dr. Gowds Clinic in the year 1972 and brought to India a new vision of dentistry. His clinics were pioneers of many new technologies in South India. He is the first to introduce cosmetic and implant dentistry in Andhra Pradesh. His daughter, his most deserving legatee, Prof. Dr. Snigdha Gowd has built new clinics under the same name and has spread the skill and expertise of Dr. Gowds Clinic to new territories. Under her supervision, Dr. Gowds Clinics have started pioneering latest dental procedures like accelerated orthodontics, invisaligns, painless dentistry, and other minimally invasive and surgical procedures.


  • 1972 - 2015 Dental Surgeon at Dr Gowds Dental Hospitals Since
  • 1972 Government at Dr. M.S. Gowd has spent 22 years

 Awards and Recognitions 

  • Fellowship in International College of Dentistry
  • Fellowship in International College of Prosthodontics
  • Fellowship in American College of Dentists
  • Fellowship in Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • Fellowship in Federation Dentistry Internationale

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